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This site requires the Flash 4 Plugin. It can be downloaded from Macromedia here .

Due to the fact that this flash page is highly sound oriented, it has been designed with the high-bandwidth (T1, T3, DSL, Cable Modem, ISDN 128K, etc.) users in mind.  

A second version of this file is reduced to cut download time for low- bandwidth users (56K).   This version does not include the opening animated sequence, and some sound files. The full version can be downloaded and played at 56K modem speed, but it will take a couple of minutes to download, give or take a bit more or less depending on web congestion.

You can also hear a sample of my playing. This is not an animated page.

Thankyou to Judy Stillway for the opportunity and freedom to work on this project and Jeff Myers for the love of sound.